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Services - Ford car dealer H&H GmbH in Premnitz

electroncial measurement of the axis

electroncial measurement of the axis Higher tire wearing and unstable cruising are main characters for a false wheel alignment. Only a small road hole or a contact with the road kerb can change the track and camber. With our electronic measurement of the axis we can correct the adjustments. You will get from us a printed report.

retrieve & delivering services

retrieve & delivering services We provide a retrieve & delivering services for our clients or their cars. Within a radius of 20 km our friendly employees are there for you.

air conditioning service

air conditioning service We provide the air conditioning service for all FCKW free air conditioner in cars with manufacturer's specifications. Our service engineers will also repair broken air conditioners.

tire & wheel specialist

tire & wheel specialist Steal wheels for your winter tires or aluminium rims for the hot days of the year, we provide the best cosulting, design variety and produkt quality inclusive. We have alot of tires directly at our store, and if you don't find what you are looking for, we can order it. Also we have a tire hotel for you summer and winter tires.

security controls and service inspections

security controls and service inspections We provide the service for all cars and van’s with fixed prices and strongly with manufacturer's specifications. Nothing is more important to us then your safety and that of your car.

window shading

window shading Take a look at our shading katalog at our store and choose your favorit shading. The eyes turn onto your car, through our high quality shading foil.

broken pieces of glass bring good luck...

broken pieces of glass bring good luck... Your car has a chrushed stone at your front window, we will repair it for free, if you have part inshurance cover. If you have a broken front window, we will change it. We also contact your inshurance and do the paper work.

parts & accessory

parts & accessory You are searching für some parts for your car? No problem, if free time mechanic or dealer garage, we have original and accessory parts to cheap conditions. Our friendly colleges will provide advice.

Tempomat für Mondeo - Galaxy - S-Max

Tempomat für Mondeo - Galaxy - S-Max You have a Ford Mondeo, S-Max or Galaxy with a registration date after 2008 and no cruise control? We have the solution for you. We will adjust the original cruise control for your Mondeo, S-Max or Galaxy. No accessory, but the original switches of the multi-functional steering wheel.
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Accident repair and lost adjustment

Accident repair and lost adjustment Your car had an accident? No problem, we will consult your insurance, get an official automotive assessor. Our car body specialist will repair your car, and our painting company will provide your car with fresh new lacquer.


Autohaus H & H GmbH
Alte Hauptstrasse 4-12
14727 Premnitz


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